Vegas Bachelorette Party on a Budget

Bachelorette parties have greatly evolved in the last decade. Before the 1960s, “hen parties” were nothing more than bridal shower events where friends and family gave gifts to the bride-to-be. The modern-day bachelorette party is much crazier, raunchier, and more expensive. Today’s bachelorette parties are as wild as the stereotypical male bachelor party and there’s…

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

Want sex knowledge straight from the source? Head over to the Anthony Cools Showroom at Paris Las Vegas to experience a hilarious production that everyone can relate to. “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” premiered on May 27, 2017 and is set to last 12 weeks in Vegas. The show stars Kendra Wilkinson (“The Girls Next Door”, “Kendra on Top”) and Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”). The 75-minute production touches on a wide range of taboo topics, such as sex, intimacy, and dating. The blend of comedy and charisma make it a must-see for adults of all ages.


Top 10 Pool Parties for Bachelorette Parties

Most bachelorettes stick to basic party themes, such as dance clubs or spas. If you really want to make a splash during your final days as a single lady, consider a pool party. Las Vegas is well-known for its plethora of upscale adult pool environments in which the young and restless can lounge, soak, and drink in the sun until their heart’s content. Here’s a look at the absolute best pool party locations for bachelorette parties.

Top 5 Bachelorette Party Restaurants in Las Vegas

Whether you’re planning a wild girls’ night out or a quiet gathering with a handful of your closest girlfriends, no bachelorette party is complete without a delicious meal at one of Las Vegas’ best party-friendly restaurants. There’s no shortage of mouthwatering choices, from American comfort foods and Mexican cuisines to Italian specialties and French favorites. If you have a bachelorette party coming up, try these upscale eateries.

Dallas Bachelorette Party

Everything in Texas is bigger. From the food they eat to the hats they wear, Texan’s have a flare for the “larger than life” way of living. This mentality carries over into the way they party, making a popular city like Dallas, TX the perfect home for any gals last night as a single lass.

Fourth of July 2014

Celebrate Fourth of July in Las Vegas

Like any red blooded American, you’re looking to celebrate your independence with a celebration that can only be described as explosive. On the Las Vegas Strip, explosive doesn’t even come close to describing the experience. Nightclubs offer engaging parties fueled by the top names in musical entertainment, as well as some unexpected celebrity sightings.

Where To Drop Your Top – Vegas’ Best European Pools

We could go on and on about the best pool parties in Las Vegas (in fact, at one point we had),  but we know sometimes you’re not looking for the usual vanilla parties that these establishments put forward. You want somewhere where you can really let loose, throw inhibition to the wind, and, ultimately, get rid of that awful tan line. You’re looking for what “the business” calls a European pool or what is more commonly known as a topless pool.

chippendales miami

Miami Bachelorette Party

So you’re looking to party in Miami? You’ve got a bachelorette party coming up and you’re not sure where the hottest places to spend the last night of your single life are in this entertaining city, right? This time, you’re in luck. There is something new coming to the great city of Miami that is going to make your decision all the easier. Coming to the famed Mansion Nightclub is the #1 male revue. The one and only show to feature a troop of men that found out how to make a bow tie look good – Chippendales. While the show is perfect for all ladies, there is a little something special in it for those bachelorettes out there.