Magic Mike Live has taken Las Vegas by storm in recent years. The high-end production show features a group of talented performers from around the world, coupled with amazing choreography and over-the-top production values.

Up until now, Magic Mike has remained a staple at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where they held their very first show back in April of 2017. Due to the high popularity of the male revue, the show is now moving directly to the Las Vegas Strip. Come 2020, Magic Mike Live will hosts its amazing shows at Sahara.

Magic Mike recently celebrated its 1,000th show at the Hard Rock Hotel. However, the male revue is set to close its doors on November 24 and will not reopen until spring 2020 after their move to Sahara. The show’s creator and director of the “Magic Mike” films, Channing Tatum, said that he has always wanted to move the show to the Strip but never imagined his dream would come true. Magic Mike is not just limited to Las Vegas. The production has become a hit in London and there is a new show and venue opening this winter in Berlin.

If you are not familiar with Sahara, this space was formerly known as SLS Las Vegas. After undergoing a $150 million renovation, Sahara was born. “Blanc de Blanc” is also a newcomer to Sahara and opened in the property’s largest showroom. However, there is still plenty of space for Magic Mike to set up. Sahara is a two-story venue with an 18,500 square foot nightclub, large lounge, and a theatrical space that is currently under construction near the main pool. The aim is to make the space similar to Club Domina which is the club in the “Magic Mike” film franchise.

While the show is scheduled to move to the Strip, the reason has nothing to do with getting kicked out of its current venue. In fact, ownership of the Hard Rock Hotel requested for Magic Mike to stick around. However, the Hard Rock is planning a major transition to Virgin Hotels Las Vegas which means months of construction and renovations in the future. To prevent the male revue show from having to shut down during this time, they are making the permanent move to the Las Vegas Strip where guests can continue to enjoy the sensual show.

The new venue is excited to have Magic Mike on-site. Paul Hobson, senior vice president and general manager at Sahara, recently released a statement that discussed how the edgy, high-profile venue is the perfect setting for Magic Mike Live. Currently, there is no show dates set and tickets are not yet available but you will find this information in the months to come. With Magic Mike scheduled to leave by spring, the Hard Rock Hotel is also on the lookout for a new live performance show to take over the evening spot once renovations have been completed.

What can you expect after the move to the Sahara? The very same high-energy, quality production that the group had at the Hard Rock Hotel. The first-class entertainment show is set in the mythic nightclub, Club Domina, and features a group of thirteen hot and talented men who perform on stage in front of a live audience. With incredible dance routines and one-of-a-kind acts from a diverse cast of performers, you can expect these shows to be as wild and exciting as you would imagine. If you’re interested in seeing Magic Mike Live this spring, be sure to grab tickets as soon as they become available.